Airtouch – 3D Holograms You Can Touch came across a new development by a company that it posted about several months ago. Provision Interactive Technologies, Inc. announced today that its next-generation, patented 3D Holographic display with its proprietary “Air Touch” technology interface will premiere at the Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco.

The system allows 14 different Intel-based products to float in the air, in 3D, approximately 36 inches in front of the 40-inch screen. Each product’s “air time” is about 30 seconds, allowing an audience to attentively watch the cool 3D hologram as it spins and turns. If the consumer is interested in a particular product, all he or she has to do is literally ‘touch’ the hologram. The software recognizes the interaction and prints out a marketing brochure or spec sheet on that particular product.


For more information about Provision’s products go here>>

This certainly sounds like a 3D technology that marketers will eat up assuming the price is somewhat reasonable. We are excited to see a live demo of this new technology.

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