iHealthSpot – 3D Animations for Orthopedics and Physical Therapy Websites

3Dwalkthroughs.com picked up a press release of a Florida based company, iHealthSpot, that just announced the launch of its library of interactive patient education videos complete with 3D animations for orthopedics and physical therapy. This new interactive content will enhance the robust written and illustrated library that is available to all of the company’s medical practice website clients.

The current interactive video library includes 35 conditions and treatments for orthopedics and physical therapy. The videos are 3-4 minutes in length and include detailed visual information on causes, symptoms, surgical and non-surgical treatments and rehabilitation for each condition in easy to understand language. The company anticipates 50-60 total videos in the orthopedics and physical therapy specialty with dental and cosmetic surgery videos coming next and eventually will have a library covering all medical specialties. The content has been developed entirely in-house using the most detailed 3D model of the human anatomy available today.

iHealthSpot creates websites specifically geared to medical practices and the inclusion of impressive 3D animations on their certainly brings an additional value to their clients. If a patient can go onto their doctors website and get a better understanding of their injury or illness it could help to relieve alot of the anxiety that is associated with these types of events.
Source: Prweb.com press release

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