Sixense – Advanced 3D Input Device is excited to test out a device that has gotten rave reviews from the Nvision 08 industry conference. The device by a company called Sixense is being described as a more advanced Wiimote, although the functionality of Sixense is based on precise tracking relative to a base station and has the ability to react to movement in six degrees of freedom.

Apparently at the show, Sixense had demos of a variety of simple but impressive used of their device. The demos included a paintball game, a lightsabre simulator along with simple squash, golf, American football and baseball minigames.


Here is a Youtube video which demonstrates the device.

As we have said in previous posts, the more accurate and responsive these tracking devices become, the more engaging will be the video games they are associated with. This Sixense device offers great potential to further the benefits of active gaming products and we are excited to test it out in person.

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