My Virtual Model – 3D Virtual Commerce Hit’s it’s Stride came across an interesting technology that will be integrated into the website, making them the first retailer to apply both a visual search and 3D virtual model to an entire catalogue online.

The technology behind the website upgrade is powered by the combined efforts of My Virtual Model and IBM.

We did a little research on My Virtual Model and their website/solutions they offer are very impressive. My Virtual Model is one of the few companies that have really nailed it with regards to creating an application with real business value.

The website list 4 solutions utilizing their technology.
BrandME– Allows users to create a 3-D virtual model of themselves, and use this model to try on clothing from participating apparel companies.

Dressing Room– Lets customers use their own 3D model to “try on” outfits and see how they look before they buy.

Weight Loss– My Virtual Model™ is currently used by thousands of Internet users for weight loss tracking and visualization. This custom application provides two model images side-by-side so your audience can easily compare their own model showing different weights. (could be a good fit for fitspott)

Home Decor– Allows customers to visualize hard or soft goods in customizable sets. For kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, dining room, patio, etc. (We get asked if we can build this type of product all the time. At least now we have somewhere to direct these inquiries)

Image and Content Source: My Virtual Model Website

We recommend checking out their site as they seem to have something to offer many industries.

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