Custom 3D Walkthroughs – A Great TakeAway from a Showroom

As a follow up to ‘s last post about an unbelievable sales center for a new high end development project, I couldn’t help but wonder why more effective takeaways were not offered.

As per our last post, the sales center itself was amazing, complete with a fully built one bedroom unit. In addition there were impressive 3D Walkthroughs and 3D Renderings being shown on a huge plasma screen TV.

My questions is this, if these 3D assets were already created, why were they not integrated into takeaway marketing packets?

The sales center did a great idea to generate an emotion and the sales team had an opportunity to maintain this emotion by offering takeaways to those in attendance.

Moving forward, perhaps they will take my advice and create these takeaways for new potential buyers visting the sales center.

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