3D Floor Plans and Trade Show Exhibition Halls

3Dwalkthroughs.com  has just been hired to create a detailed 3D floor plan of a trade show conference facility. The 3D plan will demonstrate all the available booths as well as the restroom and food court locations.

The plans will be posted to the conference facilities website leading up to the show, and will also be blown up and placed throughout the show on the days of the event.

We will deliver the plan to our client in a format that can be updated as space gets filled. As frequent trade show attendees, and soon to be trade show exhibitors, we definitely see the value in being able to get a good sense of the available and actual space before the show.

With every square inch of space and every fiber of carpet costing money for an exhibitor, the 3D floor plan will also help to better plan their exhibits in a cost effective manner.

One Response to 3D Floor Plans and Trade Show Exhibition Halls

  1. Joshua Koopferstock says:

    Hey 3D Walkthroughs folks! I haven’t posted a comment on your blog before, but I thought I would, just to let you know that you have a loyal reader out there. It looks like you guys are thinking about a lot of the same things that we are, except more from the art side where we’re on the software end. In any case, keep up the good work, and if you ever come back to Montreal, let’s sit down and chat. Oh, and thanks for the write-up about Presto3D a few weeks back.

    Josh Koopferstock
    Blog: http://www.ENLIGHTEN3D.com
    Feeling Software
    Montreal, Quebec, Canada

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