CityWall – Very Cool 3D Interface came across an interesting project in Helsinki, Finland which boasts a very cool 3D interface.

The project is called CityWall is a large multi-touch 3D display installed in a central location in Helsinki which presents images, videos, descriptions and discussions on how nature in Helsinki benefits and disturbs dwellers.

The exhibition aims to evoke discussion e.g. on what nuisances people should just adapt themselves to, what nuisances they should fight or control, how different nuisances can be prevented and how benefits of nature can be improved.

Image and Content Source: City Wall Website

CityWall is not just an offline line effort. Photos that are tagged with helsinki, citywall or cwhki are automatically downloaded from photo-sharing site Flickr. These photos are then become part of the experience offered by CityWall.

It is worth while to check out the CityWall website to learn more about this innovative project.

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