3D Modeling and Active Gaming

As 3Dwalkthroughs.com has mentioned in previous posts, one of the biggest underlying themes of the Club Industry show in Chicago was the focus on the youth fitness movement. Many of the exhibitors we visited at the show were either launching brand new products geared towards this population or displaying upgrades to their existing lines.

During the show we had the opportunity to speak with the lead 3D modeler of the Xrkade company, Scarlett Burns. Xrkade is one of the leading names in the Active Gaming market and drew some of the biggest crowds at the show.

Scarlett was kind enough to give us a demonstration of a few of their new product prototypes. The first demo was a boxing game that utilized a motion sensing camera to tranlsate punches and kicks thrown by the user to the heavy bag on the screen. I was impressed by how sensitive the camera was in relation to my actual movement, and could totally see how 30 minutes of this activity could result in quite a workout. (As a side note, advances in motion sensor technology are happening very quickly and this will only improve the interactive experience exponentially)

The second demo was of a football game that utilized the same camera to translate a users movements to the actions of a quarterback. The demo of the football game also showed a lot of potential, although it was obvious that some of the kinks still need to be worked out.

The 3D modelling driving these new Xrkade games is quite impressive. Scarlett and her team have been able to achieve a very impressive level of realism considering the processing speeds that are required to make these games interactive.

Aside from a very cool use of 3D technology, we are extremely impressed with Xrkade because of the admirable nature of their cause. Youth obesity is rising at epidemic levels and companies like Xrkade who are attacking this issue head on should be praised for their efforts.

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