Rabbitholes – 3D Motion Holograms

3Dwalkthroughs.com came across a story on wired.com about an interesting company from Canada with a technology called Rabbitholes.

A RabbitHole is a 3D Motion Hologram printed into a 2-dimensional film surface, which displays full-color 3D and action visible without special eyewear. More technically, a RabbitHole is a next-generation digital hologram that contains up to 1280 digital frames of CGI or video imagery.

Source: rabbitholes website

According to the article on wired.com, rabbithole is using its technology to create photo-realistic 3D holographic posters to promote movies. Last week, 10 U.S. theaters rolled out full-color 3D posters with motion and photorealistic detail to promote the movie How She Move.

To produce the imagery, RabbitHoles creates a 3D computer model of the object that will be turned into a hologram. A virtual camera takes snapshots at different angles, and a software algorithm developed by RabbitHoles calculates how light would bounce off each angle in the scene. The result is up to 1,280 different snapshots, or frames, that not only hold color, distance and angle info, but light patterns as well.

Source: wired.com

There are some very cool samples on the rabbitholes website. It is worth taking a look.


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