New Version of Google Sketchup To Help Do It Yourself 3D Modelers just came across an announcement on Cnet News about Google’s launch of an upgraded version of their 3D modeling software Sketchup. Like previous iterations of the software, SketchUp 7 will enable you to model just about anything you’d like as long as you start with a predesigned template.

The new version, released Monday, offers simple templates that help you gauge size through feet or meters, but it also includes architectural design, Google Earth, and a product design template to aid you in your modeling endeavors.

Source: CNET News

The new version of the software also integrates with Google Warehouse which provides 3D modelers with a large selction of pre-designed 3D models.

The pro version of the software definitely creates a final product that is more appropriate for professional presentations but the free version is good for hashing out concepts and giving beginners a good head start.

I will definitely be downloading the upgraded version of the software so we can determine how long before everybody is capable of designing high end 3D presentations…seems like the days are numbered:)

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