3D Camera Soon To Become Mainstream?

3Dwalkthroughs.com read an interesting post on Gizmodo.com about a new camera soon to be released by Fujifilm. The camera, the FinePix Real 3D consumer was recently unveiled at the 3DX expo in Singapore.

The stereoscopic camera features two optical lenses, each with its own CCD, and a processor that syncs the two images to create a 3D image. On top of that, the screen on the camera is capable of showing 3D images without the stupid glasses, while a 3D printing solution will also be offered that allows you to view printed images in 3D from multiple angles.

Image and Content Source: Gizmodo.com

I am very curious to see the quality of the final product this new 3D camera produces. Assuming the price is somewhat reasonable, I can only imagine how this camera will be applied in the real estate industry. Seems like high resolution 3D photographs would be a much welcome complement to existing 3D assets and other property marketing tools.

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