ICEvision – 3D Video Game Technology Used To Create Interactive 3D Walkthroughs definitely has its interest piqued by a new product being launched by Canadian company Ice Edge Business Solutions. Their new product, ICEvision allows designers to explore their Revit or AutoCAD 3D models in a separate Dynamically Rendered 3D window.

Through their patented use of 3D video game technology, users can explore their model in a natural manner, simply by walking into their design and taking a look around.

Apparently ICEvision will be demo’d this coming week at an Autodesk trade show in Las Vegas. It will be interesting to hear the reaction of those attending the show.

Some of the features of ICEvision include:
– Dynamic 3D Renderings; not just static single view images
– Speed of design change is greatly enhanced due to separation of design and visualization functions
– Increased productivity; the ICEvision model does not halt or delay design operations
– Collaboration; send your ICEvision files to other users to view; even if they don’t own Revit or AutoCAD

Source: Ice Edge Website

I am excited to sign up for a demo and test drive the ICEvision application. I would suggest taking a few minutes to look at the sample video on their website as it is quite fascinating.

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