Fitspott is the Featured Blog Today on Typepad is excited to announce that the Fitspott blog has been selected to be today’s featured blog on Typepad. This is quite an honor considering the amount of blogs created by Typepad users.

About the Fitspott Blog
Fitspott‘s blog is an interesting and innovative way to get people excited about a launch through the use of their TypePad blog. The Fitspott blog is a way to ramp up excitement for the beta of the Fitspott community, keeping people abreast of the development progress there. It’s also a fascinating look behind the scene of the company culture, and a way for the company and community to communicate.

They’ve also got interesting reportage from what it’s like inside a fitness industry trade show, what it means that “childhood obesity” is now a top search term on Google, and how viral video is becoming a new trend in innovative sports marketing. There’s even some new possibilities for listening to music while you work out, the a new year’s post about how the government is targeting obesity rates.

Source: Typepad Featured Blog Page

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