Using Social Media To Market Your Property

As many of you already know, is involved with Fitspott, a social networking platform for health and fitness. In the time since becoming involved with this project we have read countless social media books, articles, blogs and have also attended various speaking engagements on this topic.

If there is one fact that has become clear during our forray into social media its that all companies, large and small, have an opportunity to conduct a much more targeted marketing approach, to a much bigger audience, and for much less money.

What does this means for and it’s customers? Basically any 3D asset we create whether it be a 3D Rendering, 3D Floor Plan or 3D Walkthrough has a potential of going viral by being posted and tagged on one of the multiple photo/video sharing sites.

Furthermore tools like Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and many more can be used by developers to build a captive audience well in advance of the first shovel hitting the ground.

Over the next few weeks, will be highlighting many different social media tools and will explain how they can be used to market a property.

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