A 3D Dashboard For Your Car?

3Dwalkthroughs.com came across an article about researchers in Berlin that have developed a car dashboard that provides drivers with velocities, engine speeds and warnings on a 3D display.

According to the article the dashboard can also showcase alerts such as traffic reports, low fuel, engine sppe and velocity. The 3d images are created by two cameras in the car measuring the position of the driver’s eyes and the distance between them. The realtime images are then superimposed and adapted to the driver’s vision on to the display.

Source: New Electronics Website

The article points out that the most important items are presented in the foreground of the display. While this technology seems very cool, I can already imagine the amount of critics that are going to line up to argue against a 3D dashboard as it will be too distracting to drivers.

Personally, I cannot imagine a 3D dashboard can be much more distracting than cars with DVD players on the backs of their seats. There have been numerous times I have almost rammed a car in front of me trying to see which episode of the Office they were watching.

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