3D Casino Based on a Real-Life French Casino Will Launch In March

3Dwalkthroughs.com came across an interesting story about an online 3D casino which will be launched in March. Lucien Barriere Hotels and Casinos is set to launch the world’s first “truly 3D” online casino at its website LeCroupier.com, to be based on its real-life casino in the northern France coastal city of Deauville.

“Whether players are looking for a little entertainment or genuine 3D casino gaming, they will find it at LeCroupier.com – creating their own virtual characters from a series of life-like avatars in a ‘dressing room’ area. Using their avatar players will then be able to look around the casino, talk to other players while at the tables and play a few games of roulette and blackjack or even try their luck on the slots.”

Source: Online Casino Reports

There is a pretty cool trailer on the LeCroupier.com website which demonstrates the look and feel of the soon to be launched casino. If the 3D graphics are as good as the trailer, and the interactivity is relatively smooth, this could be a very successful venture.

In most of the other interactive 3D environments we have witnessed, either the graphics or the interactivity always seems to suffer. If you are interested in checking out the new casino, you can sign up to be considered as a beta tester on the LeCroupier.com website.

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