Microsoft To Bring 3D Motion Control Video Games To Life? came across an article on that could dramatically improve the exergaming experience in the very near future.

According to the article, more sources are now confirming that the software and gaming giant is indeed ready to purchase 3DV Systems, makers of the ZCam; a camera device that allows gamers to “enjoy a genuinely immersive experience” according to its website.

It differentiates itself from the current Xbox Vision Cam, Wii Remote and PlayStation Eye by allowing users to make gesture inputs in a fully 3D space without the need to hold or wear an external input device.

The Zcam is also capable of rendering a user’s own 3D image within software in real-time. This feature could provide an unparalleled amount of realism for just about every video game genre.


As continues to chat with exergaming companies on behalf of Fitspott we are very interested in this developing news. As we have predicted in the past, this logical evolution of exergame technology will allow for more free motion games to be created which will no doubt simulate real life activities more accurately.

I think this will not only improve the mainstream acceptance of exergaming as a valid supplement to real world exercise but also promote a longer life span of these types of videogames.

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