Can Companies Reduce Travel Expenses with IBM’s new Sametime 3D came across a story on about IBM’s new application that could help companies to reduce their travel expenses. According to the story, Sametime 3D enables life-like virtual meetings which includes an ability to exchange instant messages and chat verbally.

With the global economic crisis getting worse by the minute companies are going to seek alternatives that help keep their expenses down. If IBM’s 3D virtual platform offers an experience that simulates real interaction this application might could be very well received.

With the help of IBM’s new software, groups can meet on a regular, periodic or impromptu basis in these virtual worlds. They also get reusable meeting spaces, which includes a theater-style amphitheatre, a boardroom and a collaboration space, status updates, town hall-style meetings, rehearsals, training classes, and more.


I think the biggest thing that has prevented these types of technologies from mainstream success thus far, is the trade off between seamless interaction and impressive graphics. In our experience, previous attempts at this functionality were good at one or the other but not both.

With that said, if anybody can take this technology to the next level it is IBM.

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