Baseball Card Go 3D! was intrigued by a new concept by launched by Topps baseball cards…yes the same company that created the cards we used to flip and trade. The concept, a 3D baseball card.

Topps is working with a company called Total Immersion to launch a new series of 3D baseball cards that utilize a PC and a WebCam to create the effect.
Collectors can watch as the players on their cards come alive – popping up in full 3D for interactive “augmented reality” minigames including batting, fielding and pitching drills.

Here is how it works:
If you are lucky enough to get one of the Topps 3D Live cards, you log on to and select the player on your card. Then, simply hold the card up to a standard WebCam and the player appears in 3D on your computer.

Source: NY Daily News website

The Youtube video above is a little confusing as it almost seems like the player will come to life on the card itself, like a hologram. Regardless I think the concept is an interesting use of 3D technology.

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