Using 3D Renderings To Promote Available Retail Space

On my way home from work yesterday I noticed something across the street that stopped me in my tracks. There was an available retail space, completely empty, except for a few broken walls and dangling electrical wires. What caught my attention was a 3D rendering that was hanging right over the doorway.

The 3D rendering showed a beautfully built out clothing store that was clearly THAT empty space.

As I approached the store and was able to see the 3D rendering a little better, I realized they had YOUR LOGO HERE everywhere that a company would typically put their branding. The goal obviously was to paint a picture of the potential of the space to perspective tenants.

While I was impressed with the creativity of the marketing team that created the 3D rendering, it was slightly bittersweet as I realized that the economic crisis is forcing landlords to pull out all the stops to attract tennants.

As I mentioned several times before, is definitely witnessing two distinct schools of thought that have emerged. Those that realize the importance of marketing during these tough times, and those who have completely shut down their marketing machines.

Which school do you belong to?

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