Using 3D Floor Plans on Your Property Listings, a friend of Open Office Space, has been reporting an increased demand by commercial real estate agents for 3D Floor plans.

3D Floor Plans, especially ones with furniture included, are a much more effective way for a perspective tenant to visualize the potential of a space than just a flat 2D plan. Furthermore, if a buildout is required, a 3D Floor Plan allows the spaceholder/tenant to review any change requests before the shovel hits the dirt. This can save both parties a lot of time and money down the road.

3D Floor Plans are also being used to help market flex space opportunities. A flex space is a building that provides its occupants the flexibility of utilizing the space in multiple ways. They usually provide a configuration allowing a flexible amount of office or showroom space in addition to manufacturing, laboratory, warehouse distribution, etc.

Similar to the benefit a 3D Walkthrough offers a new property developer, 3D Floor Plans can be an invaluable tool for showcasing a property, or in this case a commercial office layout, before the construction has begun.

You can easily add a 3D Floor Plan to your Open Office Space property listing with a click of the mouse.

For more information on creating a 3D Floor Plan for your property please contact us at

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