What do Nike, MTV and Effective Real Estate Marketing Have in Common?

Nike, MTV and Effective Real Estate Marketing have one trait in common: All three utilize powerful imagery to generate an emotional response from their intended audience.

Phil Knight of Nike had the foresight to create powerful marketing messages utilizing strong images/video of select sports superstars wearing Nike products (ex. Andre Agassi, Michael Jordan, etc.). He understood that a combination of imagery and his marketing message would create larger than life heroes, and ultimately strengthen the Nike brand.

Similarly, MTV recognized that creating a forum to comine video with music would create a much stronger response to the artist and their music, compared to listening to the music on its own.

As the price of digital photo/video cameras, editing software and virtual tours have dramatically decreased, coupled with increasing number of free sites that host these assets, virtually any space holder is capable of creating rich media assets to showcase their property.

Similar to Phil Knight and MTV, forward thing real estate marketers understand the emotional attachments strong imagery can create to their property.

One of the mottos at my other company, 3Dwalkthroughs.com, is “we don’t create pictures”, “we create emotions.”

In today’s economy, companies and individuals most do whatever they can to stand out from the crowd. Not including imagery on a property listing, especially considering how easy its become, is just bad business.

One of the first negative comments we received when we launched Open Office Space was that “we suck” because we did not offer an ability to add video to our listings. (granted, we should have known better) Needless to say people can now add video to their property listings…and we don’t suck. 

The video below tells the story of one of the pioneers of the coworking movement, Citizen Space. Notice how effectively the video demonstrates their culture and makes you want to be a part of their space. Much more effective than simply a written description.


An additional bonus of creating rich imagery such as video and pictures is they can also be posted to sites such as YouTube, Flickr, etc. These sites can garner your property significant more exposure than simply placing them on a static website. 

The data is mounting regarding the competitive advantage that can be gained by adding imagery to your property listing.

So, the question remains. Will you sit with your arms crossed holding your breath, insisting you can’t afford, or don’t have the techical expertise to create powerful imagery for your space.  Or will you stop with excuses and realize creating rich imagery is easy, affordable, and most importantly, the most effective way of getting your property noticed.

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