From Silver Screen to Touch Screen

Hollywood fiction has not only caught the public’s consciousness and interest but has also garnered the inspiration for today’s scientists and developers to build bigger and better gadgets, equipments and even products and software.

Films such as Iron Man and Avatar has provided us not only with high octane action, lush and beautiful 3D renderings of foreign worlds or high tech science heroes, it goes as far as actually predicting how global technology would function down the road.

One such good example happens to step out from the movie “Iron Man” and its sequel starring Robert Downey Jr. Tony Stark creates a high battle suit in order to survive an injury near his heart. In the process, he becomes a hero and saves lives while in the armor.

The original comic book was created in the 1960’s and became an instant hit among readers. The movie increased the hype and popularity for the hero for the 21st century. But what’s amazing to find out is that an actual armor similar to Iron Man’s may just be looming in the horizon.

It’s not a 3D rendering nor is it a camera trick. It’s an actual suit that helps people with disability to walk…

In the James Cameron’s Avatar, we meet the Na’vi and their human counterparts with the main hero Jake Sully. In the climatic final battle between the Earth forces and the blue skinned Na’vi, Jake and his mate Neytiri confront Colonel Miles Quaritch who wants to get rid of the natives immediately. Quaritch’s suit called an AMP may look like a thing from the future but exoskeletons have already been used in as prototypes in the military as seen here.

Technology from the silver screen might have dazzled us before but it certainly looks like it’s starting to weave its own brand of magic of 3D renderings to real life soon.

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