Green Revolution in Architecture

Because of the continued threat of global warming on our daily way of life, engineers and architects alike are coming up with smart ways of creating beautiful and modern buildings while at the same time making nature and the surrounding environment better.

One prime example of this comes from the Chicago City Hall. Accepting a greener future for the local residents, several city hall officials have decided to start a rooftop garden above the city hall with the goal of creating a greener environment and to show support for the emerging awareness of global conservation.

Architects and engineers have all agreed that having a beautiful roof garden not only helps lessen the heat inside the building but also effectively increases the beautification of the surroundings.

The Chicago City Hall’s roof garden was initiated by Chicago mayor Richard M. Daley in 2000 as a part of an EPA study. The rooftop garden is a 38,800 square foot of semi-extensive green roof which had an estimated cost of $2.5 million. The green roof installation was also used as a demonstration project as well as to monitor plant survival and other environmental features.

Videos circulating around the Internet showing a lush garden above Chicago City Hall may look like something taken out of a 3D walkthrough but that is definitely far from the truth. The green roof is definitely something real, something tangible and can be spotted from afar or from adjacent buildings. These better-than-3D walkthroughs footages and still images show that in perfect world architecture and nature can blend in harmoniously and can be beneficial for humans.

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