3D Renderings – The New Age Painting

Painting as an art has thrived for centuries now with no sign of stopping or declining. Talk a walk along scenic Paris or New York and you can still see people painting the River Seine or the busy Manhattan cityscape.

But with the continuous improvement in the way we develop art and technology; new forms have emerged from the obscurity in the form of digital artists and their 3D renderings.

But what exactly is a 3D rendering and how is this becoming a force that may one day rival the traditional line art or painting? 3D rendering is a 3D graphics process of automatically converting 3D wire frame models into a 2D image with hints of 3D photorealistic effects using a PC or other computers.

3D renderings can be done in two ways. Either through real time or non-real time; interactive mediums fall under the category of real time 3d renders with calculations displayed at speeds of 20 – 120 frames per second. Feature films and videos are on the other hand are categorized as non-real time 3D renderings.

3D renders have become the latest canvass for the modern day artist because it has everything an artist would look for and need in their artwork. The artworks can be done and reproduced in high resolution or low resolution, they can easily be shared with other people through the use of the Internet and they can also be edited and changed on the fly.

The new age digital artists have it all made for them whether they like it or not. For those that have easily embraced it, renders can be improved and honed while non believers can experiment and try to get a feel of the whole idea and concept.

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