3D Walkthroughs for Video Games

It’s funny to think how video games have evolved from simple sprites and pixels to what it is now; immense, immersive worlds where players get sucked in and play the game for hours at ends.

What’s currently selling like hot cakes in the market happens to be one of this year’s top grossing video games entitled Halo: Reach. The video game is chock full of gorgeous graphics and massive worlds. Sample 3D walkthroughs and videos that have appeared on the Internet have been giving gamers and fans a taste of the new world that awaits them when playing the game.

But what was gaming, particularly first person shooters like back in the 90s or even, dare I say it, the 80’s?

In my opinion, old-school games such as Doom and Wolfenstein showcased what the technology at the time had to offer? Sure there were million dollar budgets back then for games like Doom and as such, game developers had to make do with what they had at the time being. But despite the technological hurdles these developers have faced, lady luck and a lot of hard work has given us these classic games that have withstood the test of time and may just have influenced pop culture in more ways than one. Doom’s 3D walkthroughs with corridors and emulating a never-ending has become for awhile, the official screensaver for millions of desktop computers all over the world.

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