Using Custom 3D Walkthroughs to Deliver the Point

September 14, 2010

Architectural 3d walkthroughs can get the job done for architectural firms and showcase a firm’s end product. Custom 3d walkthroughs can also provide viewers and prospective clients and buyers the chance to see what their future homes and offices would look like without having to take precious time off from work and other important social or personal activities.

Custom 3d walkthroughs can also give architectural firms, real estate developers and agents the chance to showcase to other people what they have. A lot of businesses and animation firms that provide 3d services for clients may often tend to falter in delivering high quality and fully defined walkthroughs. With, businesses can rest easy knowing that they will get only the best custom 3d walkthroughs.

Using 3D/2D Animation for Marketing Major Brands

September 8, 2010

Marketing major brands whether fashion brands or otherwise is a tedious task and often requires immense hours of painful research on the target demographics. Through the years, many big clothing brands have employed known celebrities and directors to direct or create amazing advertising materials for their clothing line. This trend has gone on for years now with no signs of stopping whatsoever. 

But once in a while, we get to see a commercial, or a marketing campaign that’s so out of the box and so unique that people outside the normal cliché would talk about it or share it via social networking websites. There are several examples of these types of advertising styles that has captured the hearts and minds of TV viewers around the globe. 

Take for our first example, the collaboration between Japanese pop artist Takashi Murakami and the clothing giant Louis Vitton. The LV brand is a staple of high end boutiques around the world and dresses some of the beautiful men and women of Hollywood. Murakami on the other hand is fuses high and low end art styles which end up being made into toys and other collectibles. Murakami’s works have also been translated into “superflat” images while others have become thirty foot sculptures present during gallery exhibitions. 

The end result for the combination of Louis Vitton and Takashi Murakami is nothing but splendid; an animated short film that perfectly blends 2D/3D animation together with not only the Louis Vitton logo but also provides the audience with a unique and Vitton-laced story reminiscent of “Alice in Wonderland”.

Over on the Western hemisphere, Gucci has revealed a new teaser for their new product, Gucci Guilty which was directed by acclaimed comic book writer and artist Frank Miller who was the brain behind the smash hit “300”. The new commercial for the fragrance also employed techniques to establish a noir feel / 3d world for the audience.

As evidenced by these samples, 2D/3D animation can help spice up videos and commercials for marketing. There are no limits to what these types of animation can provide for brands and it certainly does not alienate companies both big and small from getting what they truly deserve, a stand-out marketing material using the best animation techniques.

Google TV Supports 3D Games and More

September 7, 2010

The latest addition to the ever expanding line up of products and services from Google is making tremendous buzz online. Starting this fall, people can purchase the new Google TV which has been the talk of the town for a few days now.

But what exactly is Google TV and how can it revolutionize the way we watch and view television?

Unlike the much-hyped 3D television sets from Samsung and other electronics giants, the new Google TV has used a more subtle approach and is most likely to get picked up instantly by technophiles everywhere. Google TV offers owners the chance to experience a complete entertainment experience as well as provide varied entertainment avenues for even the most discerning user.

Avid fans and users of various online 3D games available through social media will also rejoice upon learning that the Google TV can also support online games but in Flash format as well as in full 3D.

YouTube users can also connect to the online streaming site on the fly thanks to the TV set which was developed in a cool partnership between Sony and Google. The former dealing with the hardware and production while the latter develops and supports applications as well as supplies the OS (Operating System) called “Android”.

In my humble opinion, this new TV (expected to hit stores next May) will revolutionize TV and consolidate and merge old and new media into something that provides the utmost ease for all users.

Find out more from this YouTube video.

Marketing Houses and Buildings Through the Internet

September 6, 2010

The Internet has become a constant source of information as well as an avenue for marketing and trading between consumers and traders or producers. The Internet has also become the best way to glean off information regarding various topics and subjects. As of late, the information super highway has also become an avenue for entertainment in the form of various social media websites and online streaming sites such as Facebook and YouTube.

What many architectural firms and real estate developers and companies fail to realize is that the Internet can also become a tool to market their houses and buildings lessening overhead expenses as well as downsizing marketing staff.

Social networking and Media sharing websites such as the aforementioned Facebook and Youtube can be used by businesses to promote and market their products and services, which in this case happen to be houses and buildings. These things can be used and utilized in order to successfully translate things into cash or return. A good example for real estate would be uploading their high end custom 3d walkthroughs. These materials can then be shared to a multitude of people who are subscribing to the Google network. This in turn can be shared to the friends of friends expanding exponentially until somebody in need of a home might just find it through this.

Real estate firms and architects alike can utilize the power of the Internet in order to succeed in their respective industries and fields. 3d walkthroughs and other unique mediums for promoting and marketing can flow through these social networking channels and vastly improve a company’s chance in their respective business industry.

Cloud Computing for 3D Gaming

September 3, 2010

The concept of cloud computing simply means sharing data through the use of outside servers which can later be pulled out when needed. During the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2010, the concept of cloud computing has recently been integrated into the video game industry.

With the looming conquest of the latest gadgets and gizmos such as Apple’s iPad, the world of gaming can get a boost from the use of cloud computing. With more and more games continually breaking barriers either through high end 3d all the way to compelling stories and breakneck action.

These games have also been created by pushing the boundaries of 3d technology. During the aforementioned E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo), gaming company OnLive announced that they have obtained licenses for several games including hits such as Assassins Creed II, Batman Arkham Asylum and Mass Effect II.

The concept follows the usage of rapid data compression that allows users to save their games on web servers and can then pull them out of the servers anywhere and anytime. Sound familiar? The structure follows closely on the principles of YouTube and Flickr.

OnLive’s bold new venture may open the floodgates for more people to actually enjoy video games and for season gamers to heighten their 3d gaming experience. The service also shows that society is starting to go for mobile and on-the-go vibe of living even for video games which has been synonymous to static and “heavier” types of entertainment.

Green Revolution in Architecture

September 2, 2010

Because of the continued threat of global warming on our daily way of life, engineers and architects alike are coming up with smart ways of creating beautiful and modern buildings while at the same time making nature and the surrounding environment better.

One prime example of this comes from the Chicago City Hall. Accepting a greener future for the local residents, several city hall officials have decided to start a rooftop garden above the city hall with the goal of creating a greener environment and to show support for the emerging awareness of global conservation.

Architects and engineers have all agreed that having a beautiful roof garden not only helps lessen the heat inside the building but also effectively increases the beautification of the surroundings.

The Chicago City Hall’s roof garden was initiated by Chicago mayor Richard M. Daley in 2000 as a part of an EPA study. The rooftop garden is a 38,800 square foot of semi-extensive green roof which had an estimated cost of $2.5 million. The green roof installation was also used as a demonstration project as well as to monitor plant survival and other environmental features.

Videos circulating around the Internet showing a lush garden above Chicago City Hall may look like something taken out of a 3D walkthrough but that is definitely far from the truth. The green roof is definitely something real, something tangible and can be spotted from afar or from adjacent buildings. These better-than-3D walkthroughs footages and still images show that in perfect world architecture and nature can blend in harmoniously and can be beneficial for humans.

From Silver Screen to Touch Screen

September 1, 2010

Hollywood fiction has not only caught the public’s consciousness and interest but has also garnered the inspiration for today’s scientists and developers to build bigger and better gadgets, equipments and even products and software.

Films such as Iron Man and Avatar has provided us not only with high octane action, lush and beautiful 3D renderings of foreign worlds or high tech science heroes, it goes as far as actually predicting how global technology would function down the road.

One such good example happens to step out from the movie “Iron Man” and its sequel starring Robert Downey Jr. Tony Stark creates a high battle suit in order to survive an injury near his heart. In the process, he becomes a hero and saves lives while in the armor.

The original comic book was created in the 1960’s and became an instant hit among readers. The movie increased the hype and popularity for the hero for the 21st century. But what’s amazing to find out is that an actual armor similar to Iron Man’s may just be looming in the horizon.

It’s not a 3D rendering nor is it a camera trick. It’s an actual suit that helps people with disability to walk…

In the James Cameron’s Avatar, we meet the Na’vi and their human counterparts with the main hero Jake Sully. In the climatic final battle between the Earth forces and the blue skinned Na’vi, Jake and his mate Neytiri confront Colonel Miles Quaritch who wants to get rid of the natives immediately. Quaritch’s suit called an AMP may look like a thing from the future but exoskeletons have already been used in as prototypes in the military as seen here.

Technology from the silver screen might have dazzled us before but it certainly looks like it’s starting to weave its own brand of magic of 3D renderings to real life soon.