Hollywood Embraces Animated Pirates

With the release of Gore Verbinski’s Pirates of the Carribean trilogy, Hollywood and the rest of the world has openly embraced pirate movies once more. But what caused about this change? A few years back, no one wanted to touch a movie dealing with pirates. There were a few attempts which all failed spectacularly. What was the missing ingredient that gave new life to this genre? The answer is simple. It was animation.

Animation was the key ingredient that boosted the movies produced by Disney and starred Hollywood heartthrobs like Johnny Depp, Kiera Knightly and Orlando Bloom. Infused with a highly comedic and action packed script, the first Pirates of the Carribean was a runaway hit. By the time the second movie hit the screens, the audience were awe-struck with tentacle-faced Davey Jones and his barnacled, undead crew.

3D modeling and 3D animation did just the trick in order for the film to become not only a breakthrough winner but also a successful cash generator. For the film, Pirates of the Carribbean: At World’s End, only one actor was physically present during scenes involving Davey Jones’ Flying Dutchman and that was for the character “Bootstrap” Bill Turner. Shooting these scenes were only made successful through the use of Maya and photorealistic illustrations taken from Gentle Giant body scans of actors to create subdivision surface models with compatible proportions. ILM (Industrial Light and Magic) was also tapped to help out by using its photography-based CloneCam system to reference the actor’s faces.

In animating and fine-tuning the movements of the movie’s main antagonist, Davey Jones, animators worked with motion captured data for body movements while facial expressions and lip synch were animated by hand. Pull-down menus were also used to take the place of British actor Bill Nighy in some scenes. A customized ILM program called “Compare” was also employed in order to give the animators the chance to run videos of the actors side by side with the 3D model.

Animation-1 and 3Dwalkthrough.com are companies that have deliver the same quality of work but for mainstream audiences including construction firms, architects, engineers, home builders and even real estate agents or agents. They both offer high resolution and high quality 3D renderings and photorealistic illustrations as well as perfectly customized 3D walkthroughs for presentations. These walkthroughs also help in showing people what the finished unit or building would look like.

Animated pirates and other fantastic creatures may come out of movies but they may also create the houses we live in or the malls that we love to visit or hang out in. It’s a wonderful thing to actually live in a world that the fantastic and the mundane co-exist peacefully.

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