Easy Ideas for Virtual Shopping with Interactive Elements

With 3D renderings and 3D walkthroughs being all the rage in terms of presentations for architectural firms isnt it about time for 3D walkthroughs and virtual shopping to come hand in hand in creating the best possible virtual shopping experience.

Here are some great ideas for when the next evolution of virtual shopping begins.

One of the things that virtual shoppes can enjoy is the almost lifelike interactivity between them and the shops or between themselves and the products that they are interested in purchasing.

A research team from the electronics giant Philips have come up with a great way to ease the virtual shopping experience.

When coupled nicely with a great looking 3D rendering, the shopping glass technology will be a great help for the virtual shoppers who would like to see the nitty gritty details on the products that they would want to purchase.

The shopping glass technology can also give added information to virtual shoppers anywhere in the world with just a touch of a button or a mouseclick.

Another great interactive service idea that virtual shopping can also provide a shoppers with an interactive wall such as this…

With this interactive wall added to a virtual shopping mall, shoppers can easily meet other people with the same taste in fashion among other things while also at the same time easily send suggestions and reactions to shopkeepers and shop owners.

These are only some futuristic yet practical ideas that can be incorporated and executed properly for virtual shopping.

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