3D Renderings Versus Quality in Hollywood Movies

2010 has proven to us, as the movie going public, that high end and gorgeous 3D renderings and 3D graphics don’t necessarily mean great movies.

Even producers themselves are expressing their disdain for some of the works that Hollywood has produced in a couple of years.

Movies such as the 3D renderings heavy Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen or the critically panned X-Men Origins Wolverine might have earned a lot of money in terms of ticket sales but it did not deliver what fans really wanted to see or hear.

But what should really weigh heavy in the minds of movie makers right now is the fact that people arent paying good money just to see eye popping special effects. People would want to see a good movie with a great plot and character development and a great production value to booth. It’s not really purely about eye candy.

Movies are after all done to tell a story not just showcase high end explosions and effects.


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