How To Differentiate Good 3D Renderings from Bad Ones

November 18, 2010

There are currently millions upon millions of digital renders and images flooding the Internet today. And with such there are only a couple of things that one should realize in order to say if the 3D rendering that they are looking at should really fall under the classification of a nice 3d image or just a work of an amateur.

Here are some of the things that you can use to spot a good render from a sea of hopefuls…

As a basis, let us use this fine image of the 3D floor plan on top as the reference for the 3D render.

When looking for a great looking 3D render, always check for the quality. This means you may have to take a very close look at the material, carefully scrutinizing each and every part of the image..

Another way to find out if the image is a great render is by examinig the quality and the size of the digital image.


3D Floor Plans in TV

November 15, 2010

Hollywood and the world of 3D floor plans have often worked side to side on multiple projects to capture the imagination. Here is a sample of a modern look at 3D floor plans and television.

There are a lot of television shows that have used animated style custom 3d floor plans in order either as part of transitions or as a main pull for their work.

Some of the more relevant samples of floor plans that can be seen on TV include the opening and transitional sequences for the series “Cribs” which features the houses of Hollywood celebrities and sports icons…

These animated and custom 3D floor plans have also been paired nicely together with lush 3D renders for the TV series “Ghost Lab” which deals with paranormal activities and research towards them.

Of course all of these look great but there should always be room for improvement for these parts, especially since they would be seen by thousands of people (not only on cable TV but also through the Internet).

A great suggestion is through the use of these great look 3D floor plans or 3D renderings

Or these gorgeous renders…

Either way would totally work but its still something to ponder on especially since 3D television is beginning to start rising in terms of popularity once more.



Why Invest in Interactive 3D Floor Plans

November 12, 2010

Why should we invest in interactive 3D floor plans?

What makes it tick? What makes it the best investment for your presentation and why should architectural firms adapt and embrace this new technology for their business?

For one interactive 3D floor plans are definitely the future look of how we would look at floor plans in a business sense as well as in an architectural sense.

Having these types of 3D floor plans may also bring in the wow factor for people who would view the plans.

3D floor plans can also provide great ways of detailing an incomplete building. This is greatest edge that investing in 3D floor plans. Unlike regular run of the mill plans, these 3d plans represent the future and displays great ease in using it which will deeply benefit both architects, real estate agents and even home buyers and owners.

Custom 3D Walkthroughs For Architechs

November 11, 2010

Custom 3D walkthroughs are starting to become the latest trend in the world of architecture at the moment. With these lush and great looking 3d walkthroughs, clients would be able to see and get a feel of a building or an office space that has not yet been erected.

Architects can also take advantage of the unique capabilities of custom 3D walkthroughs. With these walkthroughs, architects can ultimately change their worlds and the feel of the building. Textures and other similar materials can be used and re used in various projects while similar looking buildings can also be redefined on the fly.

Architectural firms can also take advantage of great looking and lushy graphic particularly the environment and natural objects that can be placed inside a building or even outside.

How To Spot Good Quality 3D Renderings

November 10, 2010

3D renderings have flourished in recent times thanks to having more and more people starting to practice and appreciate the art of 3D rendering.

Exquisite looking 3d renders should have the best looking images and should have crisp, sharp pixels on them. You will know that a 3D render would look inferior and feel inferior if, upon careful scrutiny and zooming, the pixels start to break and the image is no longer perfect.

A really great looking 3D rendering, be it architectural renders or even artistic renders should also exhibit a certain appeal.  It should be eye-popping and should really catch the attention of the viewer not only because of the high definition components within the image but also because of the feel and look of the render.


Working with 3D Walkthroughs

November 9, 2010

Every type of business would usually require great looking walkthroughs. This is a true idea that has not been taken seriously for quite some time now. Even organizational charts can use 3D walkthroughs to effectively and efficiently deliver the idea and the message to your specific audience.

Having great looking custom 3D walkthroughs for your office and business presentation often sheds more light into the subject matter at hand.

Impressive at it seems, many people would think that having these integrated during presentations would be expensive. But the honest truth is that its not.

There are a lot of custom 3d walkthroughs that less expensive and cheap that even start up companies can take advantage of these in one go.

Interactive 3D Maps in the Real World

November 5, 2010

Fully realized and interactive 3D maps may just be the stuff of science fiction right now but it still is worth noting that there really is a possibility that we could be seeing this in the near future.

Currently maps are (a) not interactive and (b) mostly not in 3D. Although the advent of 3D maps have already begun, there are also several significant changes in the way we now look at maps but they still retain the basic features of looking flat.