Why Invest in Interactive 3D Floor Plans

November 12, 2010

Why should we invest in interactive 3D floor plans?

What makes it tick? What makes it the best investment for your presentation and why should architectural firms adapt and embrace this new technology for their business?

For one interactive 3D floor plans are definitely the future look of how we would look at floor plans in a business sense as well as in an architectural sense.

Having these types of 3D floor plans may also bring in the wow factor for people who would view the plans.

3D floor plans can also provide great ways of detailing an incomplete building. This is greatest edge that investing in 3D floor plans. Unlike regular run of the mill plans, these 3d plans represent the future and displays great ease in using it which will deeply benefit both architects, real estate agents and even home buyers and owners.

Having Fun With Interactive Floor Plans

October 26, 2010

Creating a unique looking interactive floor plan is a challenge and yet seeing the completely 3D finished product looks really great.

Interactive floor plans are a great way of catching others attention and that would mean that people may actually listen to what a company or a product is saying.

Having a fully realized and 3D floor plan will save your company from presenting a very dry and bland looking floor plan presentation such as this…

Presenting an awesome looking 3D interactive floor plan allows your company to showcase the skills that your company can provide for clients.

3D Technology Can Help Promote Exercise To Our Youth

October 4, 2008

Below is a recent press release from Fitspott. The press release touches on the use of 3D technology and other interactive exergaming products to target the youth obesity epidemic.

3Dwalkthroughs.com and the rest of the fitspott team have been speaking with some of the biggest companies offering this type of technology to see how we can use the fitspott platform to maximize their exposure.

How do we promote health and fitness to a demographic that is more interested in being on the computer than investing in their health? With the surplus of available health and fitness information, how can the obesity levels of our youth have doubled in the last decade?

Today’s most popular social networking sites have effectively captured the attention of our younger generation, making social networking one of the most effective communication tools in the last 10 years. The time has come to leverage this power to promote health and fitness to our youth.

Fitspott, a social networking platform for health and fitness, will launch the beta version of its site in Mid-September. One of the primary goals of Fitspott, is to organize the very large and convoluted health and fitness industry into easy to navigate sub-communities of members with similar interests, goals, skills, desires and needs. One of the targets markets Fitspott will service in this effort is the youth market.

“We see a tremendous opportunity to promote the many available fun and interactive health and fitness options to our younger generation through a platform they can relate to. Providing our youth with an ability to join an online community of members with similar interests and goals can help to motivate our youth and provide them with the knowledge that they are not alone with their issues” says David Gise, Co-Founder of Fitspott.

The Fitspott team is made up of a group of highly motivated and diverse entrepreneurs, athletes and creative minds. “We have scoured the internet, educating ourselves on the pros and cons of existing social networks, and have committed to using this knowledge to create the most powerful, yet easy to use platform for all of our members” says Erin Hurry, Co-Founder of Fitspott.

Fitspott will reach out to schools, coaches and the other influencing bodies to help promote the Fitspott platform and its benefits. Perhaps one of the biggest causes of the increasing obesity rate of our youth, the time spent in front of the computer, can actually have the biggest impact on curbing this trend.

3D Virtual Community Built To Promote the New Ford Fiesta

October 2, 2008

3Dwalkthroughs.com came across a story about a 3D virtual community which was built to promote the new Ford Fiesta. The 3D community incorporates some pretty cool 3D animation and is definitely worth checking out.

The 3D virtual city called ‘This is now’ created by MSN to bring the spirit of ‘now’ concept to life. The dynamic 3D city encourages users to interact with the site whilst travelling around it, through news, quizzes and videos. The site will also be host to exclusive content from ITV’s Fashion Show as well live gigs from some of the hottest bands around and a brand new web drama Neon Candy exclusive to ‘This is now’.

This innovative campaign was developed by the advertising agencies, Ogilvy, Mindshare, and Wunderman and the campaign will run until the end of the year.

Content Source: Searchbyheadlines.com

Image Source: This is Now Website

A link to the website can be found here>>

3D Floor Plans and Trade Show Exhibition Halls

September 30, 2008

3Dwalkthroughs.com  has just been hired to create a detailed 3D floor plan of a trade show conference facility. The 3D plan will demonstrate all the available booths as well as the restroom and food court locations.

The plans will be posted to the conference facilities website leading up to the show, and will also be blown up and placed throughout the show on the days of the event.

We will deliver the plan to our client in a format that can be updated as space gets filled. As frequent trade show attendees, and soon to be trade show exhibitors, we definitely see the value in being able to get a good sense of the available and actual space before the show.

With every square inch of space and every fiber of carpet costing money for an exhibitor, the 3D floor plan will also help to better plan their exhibits in a cost effective manner.