Score Big with Interactive 3D Floor Plans

December 7, 2010

3D is all the rage these days and it is because of this that many industries are now integrating 3D materials into even their most basic proposals or materials. Samples of these materials can then be shown to the prospects and potential clients.

These materials including interactive 3D floor plans and 3D walkthroughs all provide the same thing, they provide potentially good clients to deal with and they give clients more to see and work.

An architectural or real estate firm also stands to gain more from utilizing services that provide custom 3D walkthroughs for the clients because clients would be able to see all the details and highlights of a building, office space or home without having to deal with all the hassles of travelling to the location.


The Rise and Resurgence of 3D in Gaming

December 2, 2010

It is becoming more and more common to see 3D applied in today’s forms of visual entertainment. Anything ranging from movies to certain TV channels, right down to comic books has some form of 3D implemented in it. One particular field where 3D technology is also fast gaining traction is gaming.

3D in games is not an entirely new concept. One particular example is the 1991 arcade game Time Traveler. Though it was touted more as a “holographic video game” at the time of its release, the way it projected characters and elements onto the playing field more or less gave it a three-dimensional effect as a result.

The recent resurgence of 3D in gaming has given rise to a number of things. First off, we have game developers releasing games with out-of-the-box 3D support or patching older releases to become 3D-capable. Next, are the hardware manufacturers and their devices, the best examples being Sony’s Playstation 3 which has recently gained 3D support through updates and Nintendo’s upcoming 3DS handheld system.

One aspect of gaming also utilizing 3D technology is arcade gaming. Having fallen to the wayside due to the popularity of consoles and their ability to surpass arcade hardware in terms of power, arcade game developers are now looking into 3D to draw new audiences. Leading the way is Konami with the upcoming arcade installment of its long-running Metal Gear franchise and Road Fighters 3D. With all these developments going on, it won’t be long before 3D becomes a standard feature of interactive entertainment.

The Metal Gear series gets a 3D facelift soon

Aside from this 3D has also branched out into other fields and areas such as 3D renderings, custom 3D walkthroughs and even 3D floor plans such as these:

These businesses can also provide 3D axonometric views of areas and floor plans…

3D Walkthroughs For Emergency Training

December 1, 2010

Previous posts have talked about the application of 3D walkthroughs in the architectural and real estate fields. Both industries revolve around creation, what with all architectural walkthroughs starting with the proposed project magically appearing out of thin air thanks to the ingenuity of architects, artists and animators.

As stated before, they make for great marketing materials, as it is possible to show an accurate representation of a final product even long before the project itself is finished. They’re great for enticing potential clients to invest in real estate.

Now, what if we could use the same methods to educate, inform, and save lives? Imagine using a 3D walkthrough to train security and safety personnel about escape routes inside a building during disasters or emergencies. It could prove to be a more effective training tool than simply handing out maps of the building. Better yet, it can be a great way to compliment the overall training of these personnel. By using a walkthrough, it’s possible to have as close an experience to real hands on training compared to going through an exhaustive tour of a structures nooks and crannies.

Sure, an actual walkthrough around the facility will inevitably be needed, but having a simulated one during the earlier stages will save time and resources in the longer run. Not just that, but the intended audience, the trainees, will be better able to retain information and be able to react faster during actual emergencies.

The Importance of Lighting in 3D Walkthroughs

November 25, 2010

3D imagery and walkthroughs are a ubiquitous part of the architectural and real estate fields these days. More often than not, every real estate kiosk or booth one comes across nowadays will have a 3D walkthrough of their respective properties on display. In fact, more and more parties are relying on 3D walkthroughs as means to represent the final product in lieu of physical models and model rooms or units.

Still, simply putting together a representation of a soon-to-be built architectural project requires more than just using a computer to slap together something hastily. Other factors have to be taken into consideration. One such factor is lighting.

Good lighting can do so much to help convey a certain mood or emotion even in a simple animated 3D walkthrough. The practice of using lighting to define scenes is pervasive in all forms of visual media. From paintings to movies, comics and even videogames, all use lighting to varying degrees as an integral part of how they express certain scenes.

For example, soft, off-white lighting can be used in walkthroughs of certain rooms can be used to convey a relaxed, mellowed-down atmosphere. In other cases, natural daylight can also achieve the same effect. Softer and dimmer lights are usually placed in scenes that want to portray a more intimate or personal atmosphere. Ambient or indirect lighting mixed with ample shadows portrays both mystery and high class.

Used in conjunction with textures, mapping, and the right camera angles, proper lighting can greatly improve the way a 3D walkthrough is presented. It gives audiences a greater feeling of “actually being there” and also provides a more accurate representation of the final product and the kind of atmosphere it wants to achieve.


The X-Box 360 Kinect – Fusing Motion with 3D

November 24, 2010

The Internet has been ablaze as of late because of Microsoft’s latest masterpiece, the Kinect for the X-Box 360. This gadget integrates real world motion and images with 3D graphics quite similar to the current trend for 3D augmented reality cards that has been used for promoting stuff including clothing lines and believe or not even the Japan’s life sized Gundam.

It has become such a highly anticipated add-on for X-box users and owners that in mere days after it’s release, several so-called hackers have even made several nifty and cool applications that fuse together a variable of stuff including 3D walkthroughs and 3D renders.

Some “hacks” have gone as far as emulate the classic lightsaber from the even more classic movie “Star Wars”.

Showcasing a great fusion between 3D renderings and real life, Kinect will sure become the face of how we will be playing video games in the near future.


3D Floor Plans in TV

November 15, 2010

Hollywood and the world of 3D floor plans have often worked side to side on multiple projects to capture the imagination. Here is a sample of a modern look at 3D floor plans and television.

There are a lot of television shows that have used animated style custom 3d floor plans in order either as part of transitions or as a main pull for their work.

Some of the more relevant samples of floor plans that can be seen on TV include the opening and transitional sequences for the series “Cribs” which features the houses of Hollywood celebrities and sports icons…

These animated and custom 3D floor plans have also been paired nicely together with lush 3D renders for the TV series “Ghost Lab” which deals with paranormal activities and research towards them.

Of course all of these look great but there should always be room for improvement for these parts, especially since they would be seen by thousands of people (not only on cable TV but also through the Internet).

A great suggestion is through the use of these great look 3D floor plans or 3D renderings

Or these gorgeous renders…

Either way would totally work but its still something to ponder on especially since 3D television is beginning to start rising in terms of popularity once more.



3D Walkthroughs For NYCC?

October 12, 2010

The East Coast’s biggest pop culture event is finally happening right before us and we’ve got tons of new announcements from the world of gaming, toys and other cool stuff thanks to the New York Comic Convention. The convention center is packed to the brim with various booths its easy to get lost in a sea of people.

What’s the best thing to do to avoid getting lost and spending more time than you should in looking for a specific booth or a specific room in the convention floor? Why not take advantage of 3D walkthroughs?

Having beautifully rendered custom 3D walkthroughs in front of the lobby as well as in other strategic locations within the convention floor.It’s in this way that convention goers and fans alike can actually enjoy the time they are in the floor.

A friendly tip to NYCC organizers also, having 3D walkthroughs within the convention center also gives you the chance to earn additional income. By putting up digital and interactive floor plans, you can also give advertisers added sources for advertising, which means added revenue for the NYCC and other similar pop culture related conventions.

Educate and Inform through 3D

September 15, 2010

National Geographic and Discovery Channel get all critical acclaim and gain tons of followers through the use of brilliant 3D animation for their shows regardless of genre and style. Whatever the topic these two cable channels can deliver and inform and educate viewers.

Businesses should follow suit in terms of the presenting to audiences. Gone are the days when business meetings and presentations were done with the simple flipcharts and architectural presentations and sales were done through pamphlets and brochures. These days its all about dazzling 3D animation wherever, whenever.

Many Fortune 500 Companies have embraced the fact that this is now the future and that animation is here to stay. Several industrial sectors including medical firms and architectural and real estate firms have started taking advantage of this breakthrough in order to better improve their market and their revenues.

Take architectural firms for example. Top architectural firms and companies have all begun to employ animation firms that outfit their marketing and publicity arm with amazing custom 3d walkthroughs and 3d floorplans which are presented to potential buyers and clients.

Medical animation has also taken off thanks to the advancement of animation in terms of techniques and equipment. Animation has been used in presenting various medical maladies and disorders to patients. Educational shows on local and cable television has can also be used to inform people of new diseases spreading.

Marketing Houses and Buildings Through the Internet

September 6, 2010

The Internet has become a constant source of information as well as an avenue for marketing and trading between consumers and traders or producers. The Internet has also become the best way to glean off information regarding various topics and subjects. As of late, the information super highway has also become an avenue for entertainment in the form of various social media websites and online streaming sites such as Facebook and YouTube.

What many architectural firms and real estate developers and companies fail to realize is that the Internet can also become a tool to market their houses and buildings lessening overhead expenses as well as downsizing marketing staff.

Social networking and Media sharing websites such as the aforementioned Facebook and Youtube can be used by businesses to promote and market their products and services, which in this case happen to be houses and buildings. These things can be used and utilized in order to successfully translate things into cash or return. A good example for real estate would be uploading their high end custom 3d walkthroughs. These materials can then be shared to a multitude of people who are subscribing to the Google network. This in turn can be shared to the friends of friends expanding exponentially until somebody in need of a home might just find it through this.

Real estate firms and architects alike can utilize the power of the Internet in order to succeed in their respective industries and fields. 3d walkthroughs and other unique mediums for promoting and marketing can flow through these social networking channels and vastly improve a company’s chance in their respective business industry.

Getting the Real Deal using 3D Walkthroughs

August 31, 2010

Real estates, buildings and even vacant lots can be converted to potential earnings particularly during sales. But what makes a successful transition from vacant space to money in the world of real estates and architecture or engineering?

It’s really simple. It all falls down to how these spaces are presented to potential buyers or potential investors. A bland presentation with the usual “run of the mill” audio visual or just plain and simple photos of the space or the house or the apartment will most likely turn away potential buyers.

This particular problem can be solved with the help of animation. Although used primarily for movies and TV, animation can also strengthen the potential of real estate properties getting sold or to the most generate buzz among consumers.

There are several notable animation materials that can be utilized by real estate or architectural firms. These animation materials include 3D walkthroughs and 3D renders, both of which deliver accurate and massive positive results for firms.

An architect who takes advantage of beautiful custom 3D walkthroughs for his or her presentation is will successfully gain more business and see a surge in their clientele. The same goes for a real estate company who is heavily into marketing their buildings or houses using gorgeous renders without having to present flat and boring artist renditions of their model homes.

On the consumer side of things, having to see beautiful and illustrious marketing materials in the form of either print or audio visual presentations will also convince them to actually make a purchase, because as consumers, we always feel the need to actually “see” what we are actually purchasing. After all, nobody wants to purchase something they feel is “representative” or is not the real thing.

Animation manages to change a lot of things and innovate in several industries long thought to be independent. Architecture and animation will definitely go a long way in the future and we should all find it awesome to have things like 3D walkthroughs as part of this thriving industry.