Shaping Cinemas through 3D Walkthroughs

November 2, 2010

Gone are the days of single cinemas in cities and towns in exchange for better cinemas inside the malls. This has been the new business models for companies that have flourished despite the fact that the country is facing a serious economic crisis and a tremendous recession.

But despite it all, malls just never run out of people going there. Just goes to show that consumerism is alive and well despite all the turmoil.

So what would be the next logical step in the evolution of malls?

First would the introduction of 3D walkthroughs or interactive 3D walkthroughs for mall visitors and cinema goers.

Since 3d walkthroughs and maps are important to mallgoers, why not go ahead and get really interactive and high end stuff in order to wow any visitors of a mall. State of the art walkthroughs are definitely the added attractions in malls that already have a thousand and one cool things inside it.

Another obvious evolution for malls and cinemas inside the malls is the mass production or the localizing of IMAX theatres. IMAX is currently a big source of income for most cinemas around the US and capitalizing on that, providing more IMAX cinemas at rock bottom prices can definitely boost ticket sales and even the number of mall visitors any and each day of the week.


Highly Detailed 3D Floor Plans – A Great Commercial Real Estate Leasing Tool

November 2, 2007

3D Floor Plan

3D Renderings are a very effective way of showing new capital improvements in great detail, one room at a time, but what about when a leasing agent wants to demonstrate a whole floor to a perspective tenant?

Highly detailed 3D floor plans are a great way of showing the layout of a space and it’s potential. Incorporating furniture choices, material finishes, and interior design selections helps stimulate an emotional response to the space and is a much more effective leasing tool than flat 2D Floor Plans.

The process of building a 3D Floor Plan requires complete CAD files and suggestions from the architect describing all the interior design choices. Once these are delivered we can create a very accurate depiction of the property and even brand it with the tenants corporate logo. “Using 3D Floor Plans as a leasing tool can help close deals with big tenants”, said one of our recent clients. In some buildings, new tenants can represent hundreds of thousands of square feet of leased space. “Adding 3D Floor Plans to a leasing agents aresenal is a small price to pay for such a potential huge return.”

We recently delivered a 3D Floor Plan of a section of a new building in Memphis Tenessee. The goal of the project was test the architects design concepts while simultaneously create a marketing tool to attract new tenants. The client was very happy with the end product which were used to created display boards for the lobby and will also be included in print materials passed out to local commercial brokers.

3D Floor Plans can also be used in the retail real estate industry as well. They can show a full site plan, showcasing specific stores, anchor tennants and other common spaces in great detail. Our clients have reacted very positively to this technology as it’s success is easily measured by an increase in deal closings.