Sensio Technologies brings the NBA All-Star game to cinemas in 3D

February 15, 2011

This year’s NBA All-Star game will be given a touch of 3D in international cinemas by way of Sensio Technologies.

The game itself will be brought to 3D using technology from PACE, which will include eight 3D cameras set up around the Staples Center, along with three special 3D shadow cameras.

The NBA started doing 3D broadcasts in 2007 with that year’s All-Star game. This, however, will be the first time those 3D broadcasts will be brought to an even wider audience thanks to Sensio Technologies.

via [hollywoodhidef]

3D for… basketball shoes

February 9, 2011

In a move to show that 3D isn’t particularly restricted to screens, Nike is releasing a pair of Zoom Kobe VI 3D in time for the upcoming NBA All-Star Weekend on February 18-20.

To clear things up. The shoes are real, and definitely wearable. The 3D comes from its design, which can only be fully appreciated while wearing the accompanying cyan/magenta glasses. Even the insole has a 3D print!

To see more photos, visit the full post at Gizmodo.